Friday, December 3, 2021

Contact stimulates life, thought, and creativity

 Here we are, stuck in the pandemic, feeling isolated, afraid to touch, though at least we’re beginning to reach out to one another, hoping that by touching we won’t die or kill someone we love. The worst part of the pandemic is the difficulty of interacting with one another. 

When life was what we call normal, you could meet people, have an interaction with them. That stimulated ideas and creativity. We’re doing that on the internet, and it works. But, the actual feeling of contact in your body, isn’t the same. And, I’ve seen very intimate moments online in my acting sessions. Some of them are more intimate than when people are together in the same space. That surprised me at first. Then, I realized that because it was virtual, and people weren’t actually touching, they could allow themselves to feel more. Strange, but true. 

But, it’s not the same. It doesn’t make your cells vibrate with life, the way it does when you actually touch someone. It’s real. But, it’s more cerebral. Why wouldn’t it be. You can be stimulated. You can have sex. But, you can’t have intercourse by internet. 

I’m glad that I have live classes again. I’m glad I can meet someone and have a drink together. It’s an important part of living.

When I sat down to write, I didn’t know I was going to write about this. I had a different subject in mind. I guess it goes to show that we need to make contact in order to really know how we feel. And, even I need to remember to recognize the difference in how my whole being is affected by the feeling of contact as a head trip. And, contact that is actual touching, but superficial. And, deep, intimate contact. I’ll write about the other subject another day.