Thursday, November 12, 2020

How can we move forward?

 Living in a world where it feels like we're walking through mud all the time, it's difficult to keep moving forward. At least, I am working, and can keep moving as long as I have some people who need to keep working with me. I'm one of the lucky ones, meaning that I've worked hard, so have luck.

The elections are, or should be, over in the United States. The people voted, and chose a new president. But, the current president is unwilling to concede defeat, claiming fraud, where there is nothing to support his claims. However, there are followers, people who are angry and afraid, and who want to be led, who have been seduced by his image. And, it is an image. It reminds me of Adolf Hitler, amongst others. Imagine if our president were president in a country that did not have as much freedom as we do. 

I never believed that I would live to see the ugly head of fascism rise its head in the United States. Regardless, it is gratifying to see that many people, and institutions, regardless of their political beliefs, are rejecting the lies of an unstable person. Have his followers ever studied history? Can they not see? Is blind belief a sickness? Is there any way to cure it? I guess, to begin with, it has to be exposed.

Regardless, I believe that the United States is a country that represents the best of freedom and democracy within its borders. 

How do we move forward from this? Neither civil war, nor polarization by politics are helping. We need to be able to disagree but respect the other, and be able to come to an agreement. Most call it compromise, but I like to think of it as synthesizing so that everyone is satisfied. 

To do this, to move forward, one of the ways I believe we can is to demand a referendum in future elections to decide whether we want to limit the number of terms a Senator and a Congressman can serve in Congress. After FDR died, Congress did vote to limit the number of terms a President can serve. They saw his longevity in office as a threat to democracy. I've never heard them say that this belief and perception of reality be turned on themselves. I wish they would. But, I doubt I'll see that while I'm still alive. John McCain was the only Senator I believed had an awareness that did lead him to try to limit campaign funding. If it had won approval, perhaps we'd see fewer politicians who seem to be working for private interests, and themselves and their political beliefs, instead of serving the country.

I don't believe that members of Congress will ever limit themselves. They have too much to gain in power, influence, and money. Are there other people in the country who agree with me?

Let's find a way to move forward.